Twitter brings new audience

Just found this article and thought it was blog-worthy.

Long story short, a news company (NPR) wanted a younger audience but where their competitors changed their content to attract that audience, NPR changed the way they supplied/advertised that content (through social media – particularly Twitter) and successfully attracted a younger audience.

I find this quite interesting and feel it could easily be applied to other organisations who feel they still have relevant material/products to share but can’t seem to connect to a wider customer/audience base.

Of course, if an organisation was seeking to branch out into social media to attract a different demographic, it would be advisable for them to contact an experienced consultant for advice, lest their web 2.0 debut become memorable for all the wrong reasons. Not all attention is good attention and if an organisation trying to look ‘cool’ and up-to-date bungled things, I suspect they could permanently tarnish their reputation.


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