My experiences


I haven’t used wikis to a huge extent and have only recently been introduced to them but what experiences I have had with them have been mostly positive.

Beginning – The sign up process was relatively straightforward, which is good because I think I would have been somewhat turned away from using wikis if I had found the set up process confusing or tedious. After that, figuring out how to use the wiki went easily. This was partly due to my learning in the presence of people who showed me the basics.

Use – I successfully contributed content. I didn’t bother with formatting at that point because it wasn’t necessary but from looking at the interface, I don’t think I’d have trouble making things look prettier if I needed to. As of yet, no one has edited the material I posted, so I haven’t faced the issues that arise from that (such as feeling upset that people felt the need to correct me or frustrated that they changed something I wanted left alone). I don’t reckon I’d be bothered much by those sort of problems, but I do know they can occur.

Future – When it comes to wikis, I currently consider myself to be a newbie but a competent user of them. Having dabbled with the basics, I feel I would benefit from using them more and have become curious as to whether the different wiki systems (I used wikispaces) offer different features. I can already see some of the benefits of collaborating through wikis as opposed to email and intend to keep using them.

Social Networks

I have been a long time forum user and feel both familiar with and comfortable about posting content and interacting with other people through forums. More recently, I have started using Facebook (though even after months on this platform I haven’t fully explored its fully range of functions).

Beginning – I forget why I actually signed up by I suspect it was because one of my uni subjects required it. There was an initial flurry of activity when my Facebook-using friends discovered I had joined but that settled down after a while.

Use – I don’t post much. This is partly because I don’t enjoy using Facebook that much (playing games aside) and partly for privacy reasons. I don’t upload photos of myself and remove tags that other people placed on me in photos they uploaded. I have found it useful when friends had invited me to events and I wanted to see the event details and who was going but haven’t used to to organise my own events.

Future – I suspect I’ll start using Facebook a bit more. It hasn’t grabbed me much yet but that could change. I think it’s one of those things where the more you use it, the more you want to use and so on. I can see its usefulness and some of the appeal but I remain far from addicted to it… for now.


3 Responses to “My experiences”

  1. bianyang Says:

    Great personal experience with social networking tools. It becomes apparent that social networking tools including Wikis, blogs and Facebook also take lead in companies. The evaluation of numerous case studies on internal corporate Web 2.0 projects and surveys has shown that wikis, discussion forums and blogs are the tools used most frequently in internal collaboration.

  2. Shri Ram Says:

    Hello JR,

    Nice post, indeed. Here are some things to think about in your research of wikis in the Enterprise..

    Regarding your use of wikis, do you think your experience of using wikis has been positive enough for you to promote them within a professional environment?

    Do you think wikis are suitable platform to replace content management systems that organizations have been relying on for ages? In spite of the concerns around reliable content?

    My post on this topic might be useful, feel free to drop a comment.


    Shri Ram.

    • jrsketcher Says:

      Hi – thanks for commenting!

      Yes, I think that, when properly implemented, wikis can be hugely beneficial to people trying to collaboratively produce material. I think wikis can be used very effectively in both professional and casual environments. I don’t have much experience with content management systems so I feel like I can’t answer that to some degree but form my limited viewpoint I think that wikis can (if not actually replace) can at least supplement exisiting systems (though this depends on a lot of other things, such as organisational culture, purpose, existing systems and so forth). Does that sort of answer your question?

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